Monday, July 27, 2015

TRAFFIC: Guy in Saab is Listening to the Same Radio Station

BOSTON - Monday traffic volumes reached a height during the evening commute, allowing ample time for witnesses to observe the guy in the right lane in the 2011 Saab, who may have been listening to the same radio station.

"He was mouthing the lyrics and nodding his head to the exact same beat as the Maroon 5 'Moves Like Jagger,' that we had on in our car," said Thomas Millone during his evening drive. "He was really into it and we all got really excited. We were definitely tuned into the same station."

Millone's wife, who was traveling with him in the passenger seat, wasn't so quick to corroborate the story. "There's just no way to really know. His window was rolled up, and we only saw him for a minute," Angie Millone said.

Still, her husband Thomas remains convinced. "It's a very popular song on a very popular station. It's far from unlikely that we would both be tuned in. I have to say, I'm not shocked that my wife once again isn't supporting me here."