Monday, July 27, 2015

Boston 2024: Can We Stay on Your Couch for a While?

BOSTON - Amid reports that the United States Olympics Committee will not be promoting Boston as the domestic host city, the initiative's backing organization Boston 2024 wants to know if it can just lay low at your place for a while.

"Just until things settle down a bit," the organization said. "That's cool right? I can pitch in with groceries for now and an inflatable mattress or the couch in the basement is all I need. Two weeks, tops."

The oft-maligned Olympics-bid finally ran out of steam when Boston Mayor Marty Walsh refused to sign a host-city contract that could put tax-payers at financial risk. It was the final straw in the bid's tumultuous effort to bring the games to Massachusetts, which may have been voted down during a public referendum next year.

Turns out, the referendum was never necessary.

"Do you need to talk to your wife first?" Boston 2024 inquired. "She likes me, right?"