Thursday, July 30, 2015

BREAKING: Nancy from Finance Waltzes Into Meeting with Only Blank Pad, Pen

BOSTON - Associate Director of Finance Nancy Liu walked casually into this afternoon's budget meeting with only a blank legal pad and a pen, according to reports.

The meeting, which was attended by six department heads, was intended to be a major audit of the Q2 budget for Griffin, Locke & Grafton CPA, in which Liu and her teammates were summoned to deliver an intensive presentation.

"We'd been preparing for this meeting for about two weeks," Lee Merrick, one of Liu's coworkers said. "Nancy was supposed to have a major role in the conversation, and she didn't bring any handouts, no laptop, nothing. I could've killed her."

Sources indicated that of the twelve participants in the meeting, Liu was the only one who didn't have any collateral to share.

"She just walked in and grabbed a croissant and orange juice from the platter in the middle of the table," Merrick continued. "I was staring daggers at her."

Attempts to contact Liu were not immediately successful, as her out-of-office notice indicates that she will be visiting Fort Lauderdale until next Tuesday.