Thursday, August 6, 2015

Clueless Pigeon Totally Unaware How Close he Came to Third Rail

BRAINTREE - Commuters looked on in suspense during this morning's rush-hour as an oblivious pigeon wandered around the third rail with absolutely no regard or awareness for personal safety.

"He was just weaving in an out of the tracks, pecking for breadcrumbs or whatever they eat," said Jason Concepcion, who was waiting to board the MBTA's red line. "There were a few times when I thought he was just going to go up in this ashy cloud of smoke. I guess fate was on his side though."

Other commuters waiting to board the train wondered if something else was at play. "Maybe pigeons don't get electrocuted by the third rail like humans do?" wondered Alexis Hargitay of Hingham. "That doesn't really make any sense, but why else don't we see train tracks littered with pigeon carcasses? Maybe they've built up an immunity or something."

While Concepcion is skeptical that pigeons are indeed third-rail resistant, he's just happy that this particular pigeon escaped unscathed. "I was happy when I boarded the train and he'd avoided getting zapped. That's not how I need to start this morning."