Thursday, August 20, 2015

Day 29: Still No Response From Gisele to my Roommate's Tweet

BOSTON - Tensions remained high this week as nearly a full month has passed without any response from supermodel Gisele Bundchen to my roommate Cory's tweet. Initial hopes that the situation would be rectified in a timely manner now appear unlikely and the standoff could last well into the fall.

Cory tweeted to Bundchen's personal feed, @giseleofficial complimenting her on her beautiful family vacation photos in late July. Since, he has diligently checked his twitter notifications for a reply, though none have come to date.

"I wake up every day thinking that this could be it," Cory said. "It hasn't come yet, but patience is the key here."

Quietly, many of Cory's friends have begun to wonder if the Brazilian model and wife of Tom Brady might not respond at all, but Cory remains optimistic.

"Look, I'm not an idiot," he said. "She has over three million followers, many of whom are reaching out to her every day. That volume undoubtedly takes time to get through, but she'll get there. She'll get there."

This waiting period has not been entirely in vain for Cory. His time spent waiting for a reply has allowed him to be a frequent anonymous commenter on various articles on