Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Email from Firm Office Administrator: Fog Machine is Out of Order

BOSTON - For the third straight day, the office fog machine is out of order, according to an email from the administrative staff in the Human Resources department.

"We have contacted an off-sight technician to service the fog-machine and hope that staff will have full access and unlimited use by week's end," the firm-wide email stated. "We understand the challenge that each of you face in preparing briefs, writing proposals and performing daily tasks without the fog machine, and appreciate your patience."

While office-mates have been understanding to date, the level of frustration is mounting. "It's just a little exasperating, you know?" said Associate Counsel Eric LeVallee. "You don't realize how much you use the fog machine in the office until it goes down."

As of this printing, the expedited request for a service technician has been submitted and is still pending. Until the fog machine is back up and running though, the office halls will be totally dry and clear.