Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Face-Tattoos Offer Cost-Effective Alternative to Diamonds for Newly Engaged

BOSTON - Planning and coordinating the perfect wedding can be an expensive process for couples, with the average price tag in the United States reaching $26,444. When combined with the purchase of an engagement diamond, the fairytale ceremony for many lovebirds may simply be too cost-prohibitive.

It's for that reason that many newly-engaged partners are exploring alternate paths to purchasing a diamond. According to a recent study at Boston University, the newest and most popular alternative to an engagement ring for the bride is a face-tattoo.

In fact, as many as 12% of couples will choose this path, up from 3% in 2010.

"We've all heard the saying 'Diamonds are Forever,'" said bride-to-be Alexa Monaghan. "Face-tattoos, I assure you, are every bit as permanent."

Monaghan was at first skeptical of the growing face-tattoo engagement trend, but when she and her fiancĂ© Tim assessed the cost-benefit, the choice was easy.

"We were looking at diamonds that ranged from $5,000 all the way up to $12,500. It was just outrageous," she said. "The face-tattoo should cost, what, $200? We can use that extra cash for a swan ice-sculpture at the wedding."

"And I'll never have to worry about losing it at the gym or down the drain while in the kitchen," she added.

The appeal for new brides doesn't stop at the price tag; the customizable nature of face-tattoos also makes them a very attractive alternative.

"I'm planning on having Tim's face tattooed right on my forehead with a few thorny roses," Monaghan said. "Then maybe for our anniversary we can add a portion of our vows to my cheek."

One thing is for sure, the tattoo will leave little doubt that Monaghan is off-the-market. "I'm not sure I'll need to deal with that creepy guy at the office making a move on me anymore," she said with a laugh.