Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Liberal Mother: We Refuse to Profile the Masked Stranger in the Living Room

READING - Cindy Maris has made it clear that her family will be taking no part in jumping to conclusions in profiling the masked stranger in her home's living room.

"There is plenty of narrow-mindedness in the world today," said Maris, "but we won't be adding to that in this household."

The mother of three first encountered the stranger during yesterday evening's lightning storm, when she noticed him looking over her shoulder in the mirror holding a butcher knife.

"We don't know his story," Maris continued. "Frankly I find it disgusting the assumptions that certain people make based on how a person looks. Just because he isn't dressed like us? Or all the heavy breathing? It's nauseating."

The 51-year old even indicated that if she encounters him again, she'd ask him to stay for dinner. "It could do this family some good to learn from someone new."