Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Local Man’s To-Do List: Watch That Video from Team Snapchat

NORWOOD – Conor Gifford’s day is shaping up to be a hectic one, according to the to-do list he wrote this morning. At the top of the list: ‘Watch that video from team Snapchat.’

“The video’s just been sitting there since the 4th of July,” Gifford said. “I’ve been meaning to watch it, but it’s just one of those instances where things get pushed to the backburner.”

The social media application does it’s best to remind users that a video from their team is awaiting them by sending a ‘push notification’ highlighted in red to the user’s phone. Apparently this hasn’t yet been enough to motivate Gifford to view Snapchat’s video.

“Yeah, I saw the reminder notice. It pops up every time I pass over the ghost that’s in the Snapchat icon. Is that what it is? A ghost? I guess it could be a jellyfish or some type of squid or something, but I have no idea how any of that makes sense.”

When asked what he thinks the content of the message might be, Gifford said he wasn’t sure but is willing to venture a guess. “Well I received it the first week of July, so it’s probably one of those cartoon ‘Happy 4th’ messages with fireworks and stuff.”