Monday, August 24, 2015

Lonely Man at Networking Event Pretends to Check Phone

BOSTON - This morning's alumni breakfast in the Seaport district provided an active crowd of attorneys, CPAs, doctors and others the chance to interact with one another and exchange business cards. It was a lively social engagement for all involved - all involved that is, except for Walt Sommerley.

"He was just sort of milling about, not talking to anybody for a while," said Kristin Maxwell, the event's coordinator. "Then he started looking at his phone, but it was obvious that he was just trying to make it less awkward that no one was talking to him."

Other event attendees speculated that Sommerley was perhaps playing Angry Birds or may have even just been staring at a blank screen. "For all I know, it wasn't even a real phone," said Alex Tingley, a real estate broker. "It could have just as easily been one of those free solar-powered calculators you get at the bank."

Reports also indicated that as more time passed without Sommerley interacting with any of the other attendees, he began to make frequent trips to the bathroom and at one point left the venue to "feed the meter."