Friday, August 7, 2015

Lonely Woman in Park Clearly Copying Moves From Local Yoga Group

ARLINGTON - Members of Friday morning's Arlington Community Yoga Group reported this morning a lone woman sitting about one-hundred feet away, clearly mimicking the various moves from the hour-long session.

"I think she thought she was being stealthy," said the group's instructor Kristen Morgan. "But it was so obvious. We did the heron pose, and she would do the heron pose. We did downward dog, and there she was following. She really struggled with the dragonfly pose."

While the course is open to anyone and costs a meager $15 for the session, the unidentified woman seemed intent on remaining removed and anonymous.

Said Julia Kensworth, one of the class's participants, "Every time we would look in her direction, she would pretend to be doing something else. Stretching, or picking flowers or whatever. She wasn't fooling anyone."

The group meets every morning at 8am at Robbins Farm Park.