Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Nincompoop in Chocolate Milk Ad Spills it Everywhere

BOSTON – The guy pouring chocolate milk into the glass in the commercial has absolutely no clue what he’s doing, according to reports.

“He just spilled it all over the counter,” said ad-executive Julia Chang. “It’s like he’d never poured milk in his life.”

Jeremy Klewey of Watertown was tasked with pouring the milk into the glass as cameras filmed from a variety of different angles.

 “I really don’t know what happened,” said Klewey, 42. “The milk would get near the top of the glass and everything would be fine. But then, I’d just keep on pouring faster and faster and it was overflowing and splashing everywhere.”

Said Chang who was overseeing the production, “We went through about twelve takes and 90 minutes of work. I’m still not sure we have any usable footage. We might just need to use one of the cuts available to us. Maybe if we show the milk spilling in ultra slow-motion it will seem appetizing? Somehow I doubt it.”

As to why the milk kept spilling during the shoot, Klewey is at a loss. “Honestly, I’m pouring milk all the time at home. I eat cereal, I put it in my coffee, never any issues. I guess I just choked on the big stage.”