Friday, August 14, 2015

Report From the Backseat: Cow on the Move

NASHUA - During this morning's Casper family drive to vacation in Bar Harbor, reports from the backseat confirmed that the cow on the right is indeed, on the move.

Hayley and Tim Casper, 6 and 8, had been sitting quietly during the family road-trip when Tim spotted the lone cow in a large field off Route 3 near Nashua. "The cow was running toward something. Or maybe away from something. It was tough to tell."

Eyewitnesses from the front seat corroborated the report that the Holstein was in fact, on the move.

Said mother Dorothy Casper, "The kids pointed the cow out and at first I didn't pay it much mind. But then I thought to myself how odd it was that this cow definitely seemed to be undertaking quite a little trot."

Experts have indicated that it is not rare for cows to run short distances on occasion, an activity they might undertake for any number of reasons.