Friday, August 21, 2015

WEATHER: It's Been So Nice and Sunny, and Your Ex is Probably So Tan and Happy

BOSTON - This morning's rain shower was but a brief interruption in what has otherwise been an extraordinary stretch of sunshine and warm temperatures - which has probably led to your ex-girlfriend getting outside and looking good.

The Boston region enjoyed ten straight days in August of beautiful weather, and you have to imagine that your ex was probably pretty active during that stretch. Can you imagine how fit and tan she must be looking right now?

She's probably out riding that bike you got her for Christmas two years ago. She may even still have those little black shorts she used to wear in the summer that make her look so trim. Ponytail, bronzed skin, teeth whitening, the whole nine yards.

It's even possible that the meathead Brad she was seeing is out of the picture now, though summer isn't traditionally the season most couples break things off. It's still unclear what she sees in him and his idiot tattoos, but much like this easterly wind the region will be experiencing through mid-afternoon, it's all just a phase.

Next week may bring some thundershowers and cooler weather, and she will probably need to wear that oversized UMass sweatshirt at night when temperatures dip into the low 60s.