Thursday, August 13, 2015

WEATHER: One Single Goddamn Tiny Cloud in Entire Sky

BOSTON - The city came so close to having a totally blue sky Thursday morning, but for one single fucking tiny cloud in the east.

Initially, onlookers indicated their enthusiasm over an area that did not have one single cloud present in the observable sky - only sunny clear blue.

Those resounding thoughts of approval were quickly tempered when indeed, a single tiny white cloud was spotted just above the horizon.

"It was so close to being a great morning," said Caroline Wayshak who was walking along the harbor at the time. "That one cloud really fucked things up though. It was so small too, that's the thing."

The search will resume for a completely blue sky again tomorrow, though today's sour experience will likely dampen any overzealous expectations that a cloudless sky may in fact be achieved.