Thursday, August 13, 2015

Woman Holding Baby Horse Not Offered Seat on Green Line

BOSTON - Passengers on the MBTA's crowded Green Line Wednesday refused to make available a seat for a woman holding a baby horse. Other commuters who were also standing on the train claimed that not one seated T-rider made an effort to ease the woman's apparent discomfort.

"She was standing up holding onto the bar with one hand and holding her baby horse in the other all the way from Kenmore to Chestnut Hill," said Allison Hooper of Brighton. "Not one person offered her a seat. They wouldn't even make eye contact."

The woman, Carol Magid of Brookline, says she doesn't have a car and needs to rely on public transportation to get around with her six-week old foal, Biscuit. "I'm not the type of person to demand a seat," Magid said. "But I certainly wouldn't refuse it if it were offered."

Often times the train conductor will step in to suggest a passenger forfeit his seat over the loudspeaker in such a circumstance, but Magid said that never happened.

"I was wondering if he would try and nudge the other passengers into standing up for me," Magid said. "It was a crowded train though, so it's possible that he wouldn't notice a woman with a baby horse."