Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Waving Cat Salesmen Do Battle Over New Area Chinese Restaurant

BROCKTON - One of the region's most competitive markets heated up Monday when a new Chinese Restaurant opened its doors, leading to tense arguments among area Waving Cat salesmen, nearly coming to blows.

The China Moon Restaurant had a ribbon-cutting during the evening, offering a full menu and complete compliment of amenities to patrons. Complete that is, save for a golden Waving Cat in the entryway.

"This is a very niche market," said Waving Cat salesman Pete Kitteridge. "Frankly, buyers are few and far between, so when a prime target like a new Chinese restaurant opens up, it's a mad dash among area salesmen. It's not personal."

But things turned personal outside the new establishment's doors on Main street at about 8pm last night when Kitteridge got into a heated argument with competing salesman Hector Ortiz. The two were each vying for the sale when a shoving match ensued.

"Livelihoods are at stake here," Ortiz said. "I care very much for my family and I will do anything to provide for them. This sale would have been really big for us."

Police arrived at the scene but no arrests were made. Said Sergeant Louis Tremblay, "Brockton is a small town. There's just not enough economy here to support two Waving Cat salesmen. We saw that firsthand tonight."